Setting the right example for your children: a Rootstock & Rootstock cartoon

Posted on September 15, 2012


Lifejackets in the hot tub

Hi there.  Some of you may remember that about a month ago I asked readers to toss out some different scenarios that could make funny cartoons and promised to ask my 11 year-old son, Cheeky, to come up with funny captions or speech bubble quotes. The first one was part of the link above; the second was in this post.

The scenario for the above cartoon was suggested by Petitedecadence. She actually suggested adults in the hot tub wearing floaties, but I went with life jackets because it seemed easier to recognize in a cartoon. Cheeky didn’t take long to come up with the quote in the speech bubble. This, then, is the third Rootstock and Rootstock cartoon.

If you like it, let Cheeky know–he’ll be happy to hear from you!