Why does mom get to paint her face?

Posted on July 22, 2012


Why does mom get to paint her face?

Hi there, folks!

A few weeks back, I posted a cartoon for which my son, Cheeky, came up with the punchline. I thought it was kind of fun letting him think up what to put in the speech bubble–and I think he did a pretty good job, too.

I promised that if readers challenged him with cartoon ideas, I’d draw them up, hand them to him and let him come up with a caption or dialogue. Several readers suggested scenarios for cartoons and here’s the first of those. This one was suggested by Beanovercommer. She challenged us with “Kid with a question comes into bathroom while parent is …?” I gave him 2 options for “parent is…”: parent is sitting on the pot or doing makeup in the mirror. He picked the latter and came up with the boy’s question. The result is the cartoon above.

As I was putting his dialogue in the speech bubble, I started to wonder what young kids think when they see mom “drawing” on her face. I asked him if he thinks it’s strange that girls put on makeup. “Nope,” he said, “it’s typical of girls; girls are weird.”

Only eleven and he’s already got women figured out.

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