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6 things that are different when your child goes to camp

July 14, 2013


Son, parents love to tell parents-to-be to get ready because everything changes when you have kids.  Well, duh.  Raise your hand if you thought you could bring a baby home from the hospital, set the quiet little bundle in the corner next to the keg and go help the band finish setting up. I thought […]

When did dances get this complicated?

March 4, 2013


It’s great to be back! If you’ve just joined us (thank you, by the way), the Editor in Chief, Executive Editor, Head Writer, Creative Director, Best Boy and the entire Pencil Sharpening Team here at IBMP took a break from the Interwebs for a few weeks. Upon returning, I was pleased to see the universe […]

Setting the right example for your children: a Rootstock & Rootstock cartoon

September 15, 2012


Hi there.  Some of you may remember that about a month ago I asked readers to toss out some different scenarios that could make funny cartoons and promised to ask my 11 year-old son, Cheeky, to come up with funny captions or speech bubble quotes. The first one was part of the link above; the […]

Exhibitionist potty training: the pros and cons

August 15, 2012


Welcome to this week’s instalment of WTF Wednesday, where we answer the questions you always wanted to ask a real expert but didn’t because they had no anonymous option. Today’s question comes via Twitter and was submitted by Brandon, A.K.A @therookiedad. He also blogs over at The Rookie Dad. He asks: Dear Barmy, When potty […]

Making the Internet a better place one bad answer at a time

April 11, 2012


    Welcome to this week’s instalment of WTF Wednesday, playing a soothing blend of today’s best bad advice and yesterday’s favorite crappy suggestions. Here at Advice Central, we get a lot of questions via Twitter, the blog’s comment section, email, and the occasional carrier pigeon. (Thanks for all the pigeons, by the way, they’re […]

Five benefits to keeping your child on a leash.

January 11, 2012


Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday where we give really good Bad advice. This week’s question comes from Matthew Peregoy, a.k.a, @realmattdaddy,  proud owner of  The Real Matt Daddy blog, who writes: Dear IBMP, Do you think that it’s okay to use a toddler backpack leash thingy? Matt, like all useless information, the answer […]