Six important considerations before deciding to have children

Posted on August 1, 2012


They don't really mean it

Welcome to this week’s instalment of WTF Wednesday where we have way more answers than there are questions.

This week I’m traveling in a land far, far away and access to the internet is spotty at best. When I do have access, the bandwidth is, well, not very wide. So I’ve decided to recycle a post that was pretty popular last year but that many of you will not have seen yet. Out of guilt, though, I’m giving you a new cartoon. The search engines hate when people repost the same content, so I’m just giving you enough to get interested, then you have to click the link to the original post. Don’t hate me.

Have an awesome week. I promise to respond to comments, but it may take a few days.


Six Important considerations before you procreate

Welcome to the fifth instalment of WTF Wednesday where there are no stupid questions. I can’t make the same promise about the answers, however.

Today’s question comes from an anonymous person, via one of the search engines, who writes:

Dear IBMP,

What are the things to be considered to be a parent?


It’s great that you’re thinking ahead, Anonymous. The only problem with it is that you have time to realize what you’d be getting into. If we all took the time to think about it before breeding, our species would likely go extinct within a few generations. But you asked and it’s my obligation as a highly qualified expert-like person to help.

I’ve listed 6 important considerations below. That’s the most I can do without charging… Read the rest right here.