Running away? Don’t forget your coat

Posted on September 11, 2011


Running away

I’m sorry I didn’t seem too concerned or upset yesterday. I know it was a big deal to you and you expected me to beg you to change your mind. Read this in 10 years and it’ll all make sense:

Son, what are you doing?

I’m leaving. You don’t love me so I’m going to find someone who does.

We don’t love you?

No. Why else would you be so mean?


Yes mean. You know I hate to go to bed before midnight.

Um, you’ve never been up that late in your life.

Yes I have. I’m always up until like 10:30 and stuff.

Got it.

So I’m leaving and don’t try to stop me.

OK, but you’ll probably want to put pants on.

Fine. Then I’m going.

No bag?

What do you mean?

You know, a bag to carry important things that you’ll need? Like a toothbrush and maybe a pillow or something.

Yes I’m going to pack a bag. Duh!

Sorry, I didn’t know.  You know, Mom and I would rather you stay.

No, you’ll be glad I’m gone.

Well, it will make the house a little easier to clean, but still…

As soon as I’m packed I’m leaving.


–After about ten minutes and considerable noisy effort, you emerged from your room carrying that little bag you got at Billie’s birthday.–

All set?

Yes, except I can’t get my Transformer in the bag.

Well, what if you left the trophy here?

But I like it.

Yes, well, that does present a problem. Do you really need all these books? You haven’t touched Caillou in years.

But I might read it again.


I’ll just carry the Transformer.

Maybe you could tuck it in your jacket. You are taking a jacket?


You might consider it. Where are you going to sleep?

At my new parents’ house.

Oh, right.

I am going, you know.

I know. You know it’s dark out right?


I’m just saying that because of all the bears we’ve had here lately.


Maybe you should wait until morning. It’ll be light out then and it’ll be easier to find new parents.

Well, I could, but if I do wait until tomorrow I’m still going.

Sure. I know.  Wanna play Mouse Trap?