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Found my old diary and it turns out I was lame then, too

November 15, 2013


Hi there! I haven’t pulled out an old post in a while. This one goes way back–even before I started scratching out cartoons. It was originally posted on June 28, 2011. I had been digging around a box of old stuff and came across my diary.  Have a read and just know that nothing has […]

A monopoly on giving

December 17, 2012


Son, if you want stuff for Channukah, you’ve got to get rid of some of the things you don’t use anymore. But I use everything. Everything? Yeah, everything. This busted baby toy? You mean to tell me you use this? I was just about to. And this thing? It goes with my Chutes and Ladders […]

How to tell your parents you would rather watch Glee than play Grand Theft Auto

October 2, 2012


Welcome to this week’s instalment of WTF Wednesday, where our dog years are worth 8 people years. This week, we had a question from a kid who’s struggling with an issue we’ve all dealt with at one point or another: How do you decide what to share about yourself to your parents? We all face […]

Why your child looks at you like you’re an alien

September 12, 2012


Welcome to this week’s instalment of WTF Wednesday, where it’s Christmas all year round, but Santa’s on leave, so don’t get all excited. This week’s question was asked in person with a request for anonymity.  Personally, I think the bag over her head was a bit dramatic, but I don’t judge. Although it did kind […]

Being the person I want my son to become

September 3, 2012


OK, son, as you know, much of this blog is about me trying to keep you from becoming me. One might try and accuse me of just trying to make my own life easier by keeping you from terrorizing me the way I terrorized my parents. That may be the case for other bloggers, but […]

What to do when your kids decide annoying you is more fun than playing with their toys.

February 22, 2012


Welcome to today’s installment of WTF Wednesday, where if you find the same advice at a lower price anywhere else, we’ll give you triple your money back (minus a $20 re-stocking fee, $10 service charge, $13.50 shipping, $50 handling fee, and some beer money). Today’s question comes via Twitter from Anntrea (@doodlesandJots). She also runs […]