How to tell your parents you would rather watch Glee than play Grand Theft Auto

Posted on October 2, 2012


Welcome to this week’s instalment of WTF Wednesday, where our dog years are worth 8 people years.

This week, we had a question from a kid who’s struggling with an issue we’ve all dealt with at one point or another:

How do you decide what to share about yourself to your parents?

We all face tough questions as we’re growing up. It seemed to me that there ought to be some kind of rubric to help kids work through life’s most difficult decisions. So I came up with a few tools to help kids decide what to share about themselves with their parents. You may want to print them out on nice little wallet-sized cards and laminate them.

Use them in good health:

You'd rather watch glee

You're sexually activeYou failed your math test

Problem solved! You’re welcome.

If you’ve got any burning issues you’re working through, let me know and I’ll get the experts here at Advice Central right on it just as soon as the Magic 8 Ball comes back from the repair shop.

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