My son guest blogs: I’m gonna become my dad? That’s the worst thing ever!

Posted on August 14, 2011


Guest Lego cartoon

Guest cartoon by I'll Become My Parents (A.K.A. my son)

If you’ve been hanging around this blog for a while you know that I’ve Become My Parents is really a big long note to my son. He’s still a bit too young to read some of it, but he knows what it’s about. I recently asked him what he thought about the idea of growing up to be just like me. His response:

I’m gonna become my dad? That would be the worst thing ever!

After we got past the issues of grey hair and being “all wrinkly”, he began to list off all the things that he’ll do differently than me and his mom.

And that’s when I decided to invite my very first guest blogger for I’ve Become My Parents: my 10 year-old son. We’ll call him I’ll Become My Parents. Here’s his post (and I swear I didn’t make him add the last line…).



So dad I was thinking that you and mom are too rough on me so I think when I become a dad I will:

  • Be nicer. No time outs, just warning. Then time out for 10 seconds.
  • My kids could stay up and read as late as they want to.
  • I’ll buy my kids some things. They won’t have to pay for everything, especially if they are saving up for a $500 Lego set.
  • My kids can have ice cream before dinner if it’s really warm out.
  • Sleepovers every Friday and Saturday night.
  • Kids won’t have to do any chores unless they want to. If they want to earn money, I’d pay them $10 for every dog poop they picked up.
  • If I had more than one kid I would get a normal bed and a bunk bed so they could sleep together or if they don’t want to they wouldn’t have to.
  • I’d get them a Wii or DS or 3DS and get them lots of games for their birthday.
  • We’ll have 3 cats and 4 dogs.
  • I would always be as nice to them as possible. I’d pay for all the toys they want even if we ran out of money. I’d somehow find a way to pay for all their toys.

Life is different now dad from when you were a kid. There’s new rules. You can do more stuff now.

But don’t change I like you just the way you are.


Thanks, son.
I’m sure he’d love any comments you have.