Stupid things I tried so now you don’t have to #1

Posted on June 7, 2011


Novel uses for model rocket engines

Model rockets are pretty fun. They’re basically a cardboard tube with little wings at the bottom.

Model rocket

A model rocket being used as intended

You insert an “engine”, which, when ignited, blasts the thing up into the clouds where the wind inevitably carries it off to the next town along with the 30 bucks you paid for it.

My friend and I figured that if those little rocket engines could blast a piece of cardboard halfway into space, they could certainly send a toy boat across the pool with a bit of flair.

And just so you know, they can.

The problem arises when they reach the other side and still have 10 seconds left to spew molten rocket vomit into the pool. At that point, the toy boat can spin joyfully around the pool marking it’s territory like a cat spraying piss around the living room, or it can dive to the bottom with the same zeal and vigor it displayed at the surface.

Ours did the latter.

You should know that an ignited rocket engine is just as comfortable destroying things underwater as it is above.

This is not one I recommend, partly because it’s a stupid thing to do, and partly because, like my parents, I won’t be happy about my kid turning the swimming pool black.

I tried it when I was a kid so now you don’t have to.  You’re welcome.

If you’re not my son, I bet he’d like to hear your story. What stupid things did you do as a kid that you don’t suggest he try?