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What is comment spam? And why it’s going to help me publish.

November 10, 2011


Spam. We’ve all heard of it. Email spam, text spam, Twitter spam, spam and eggs. Spam, in most cases, is just plain annoying. Remember FAX spam? But maybe we’re thinking of it the wrong way. Have you ever stopped to read the spam those robots worked so hard to prepare for you? Well, I do […]

6 important considerations before you start to procreate

November 1, 2011


  Welcome to the fifth instalment of WTF Wednesday where there are no stupid questions. I can’t make the same promise about the answers, however. Today’s question comes from an anonymous person, via one of the search engines, who writes: Dear IBMP, What are the things to be considered to be a parent? It’s great […]

Advice for my son: What you need to know about middle school

May 7, 2011


Given that you have my genes, you should know that in middle school there are only two kinds of kids: those that are miserable and those that make them that way. You’ll be in with the 98% that make up the former (sorry). Your only consolation will come several years later at your class reunion where you’ll […]