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It could be worse; your child could be listening to Barney

July 18, 2012


Welcome to this week’s instalment of WTF Wednesday, where what we say goes. It goes with both red and white wine; it goes with any flavour ice cream (except Neapolitan, nothing goes with that unless you avoid the pink part); it even goes out with the trash. This week’s question comes via Twitter and was […]

It’s WTF Wednesday! Today’s question: Should I be psyched if my daughter recognized the opening chords of “Highway to Hell”?

October 4, 2011


Welcome to the second instalment of WTF Wednesday, where the crack IBMP Expert answers your questions about parenting or having parents. Today’s question comes from Daddy Knows Less, who writes: Dear IBMP Was it inapporpriate of me to be psyched when my daughter recognized the opening chords of ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” when it came […]

Being my son is a big responsibility

June 2, 2011


Son, here’s a list of things that I suck at. I’m telling you this because I fully expect to re-live my life through you, and I plan to do it better this time. I could just compensate for my inadequacies the way most people would and buy a Hummer or something, but you know how […]

So, about your band, son…

May 22, 2011


Just a quick note this morning, son, about your band. I know a little something about being in a band in 4th grade. I used to be the drummer in this band called the Beatles when I was your age. You may have heard of them. Picture just about any boy-band that’s popular today then […]