It’s WTF Wednesday! Today’s question: Should I be psyched if my daughter recognized the opening chords of “Highway to Hell”?

Posted on October 4, 2011


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Welcome to the second instalment of WTF Wednesday, where the crack IBMP Expert answers your questions about parenting or having parents.

Today’s question comes from Daddy Knows Less, who writes:


Was it inapporpriate of me to be psyched when my daughter recognized the opening chords of ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” when it came on the radio in the car yesterday?

Thanks for your question, Mr. Less.  What is considered appropriate is a matter of perspective, but here at IBMP, my perspective is what what matters so listen up.

Yes. Yes it was inappropriate of you to be psyched when your daughter recognized the opening chords of Highway to Hell; Back in Black is a much better song.

More importantly, everybody knows Highway to Hell, but ask her how many ACDC songs about balls she can name. If she can get 2 or more, then it’d be appropriate for you to be psyched: She’s Got Balls, Big Balls, Got you by the Balls, Snowballed, Ballbreaker — any two would do.

The bottom line is that a child will rise to whatever expectations you set for her. Set them low (like recognition of the opening chords of Highway to Hell) and that’s as far as she’ll rise.

Now, when the principal calls to tell you your daughter was singing the lyrics to The Honey Roll in class…well, I sure as heck wouldn’t be psyched, but I’d definitely be impressed.

Glad I could help!

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