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I think I’m in love

September 10, 2013


Hey, son, I think I’m in love with your friend. No, not like that. Well, kind of like that. Granted, she’s 12 and I’m just a wee bit older, but it’s not that kind of love so don’t give me that look you gave Uncle Dave when he said he wanted to be a Mall […]

While I’m away: a puberty post from the past

February 11, 2013


…………… Hello, and thank you for contacting I’ve Become My Parents. We are not available to write a post right now. Your post-reading is important to us. Please stay on the blog and a post will be with you just as soon as one becomes available…. Ding chucka chucka ding dingity ding thwapata bing thwapata […]

In case you missed yesterday’s cartoon

November 15, 2012


Girls: the only thing keeping boys from thinking they know everything. Happy Thursday! Yesterday, I guest posted over at Sex, Lies and Bacon. Many of you popped over there. For those that may not have, I thought I’d post the cartoon here today. It sums up my grasp of the female psyche when I was a […]

Being the person I want my son to become

September 3, 2012


OK, son, as you know, much of this blog is about me trying to keep you from becoming me. One might try and accuse me of just trying to make my own life easier by keeping you from terrorizing me the way I terrorized my parents. That may be the case for other bloggers, but […]

I used to be skinny: An encore post.

June 19, 2012


    I did this cartoon today and thought it would go well with one of my favorite posts from about a year ago. So just for fun, here’s the slightly revised post called I used to be skinny, too. ——– Son, I used to be skinny.  No, really, I did.   You’re going to […]

Slow down. Puberty’s overrated anyway.

May 30, 2011


You’re scaring me a bit here, son. I had no idea that reading books about puberty would make you wish you had zits. I get that they’re a sign of growing up, but so are smelly feet and I don’t see you checking for that everyday.