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Son, it’s time we talked about sports…again

July 21, 2014


  Hi folks. This post was originally published over 3 years ago when I’ve Become My Parents was still just a puppy and had about 18 subscribers. I was thinking about this post recently when my son actually agreed to go out on a tennis court with me and hit some balls. Granted, more balls […]

What families can learn from the 2012 Olympics…sort of.

June 13, 2012


Welcome to this week’s installment of WTF Wednesday where we are the leading experts on our own opinion. This week’s question comes via Twitter from Gina Valley, whose blog usually makes me laugh but today made me cry. Gina writes: Dear IBMP, What can we as a family learn from the Olympic Games? Well isn’t […]

Son, it’s time we talked about sports

July 4, 2011


“Hey Dad, at the class picnic I was sitting there thinking everyone hated me and Danny came up to me and said I was ‘hard to hate’. Isn’t that a funny thing to say?” The way you said that yesterday, son, totally caught me off guard. You said it as if the “everyone hated you” […]

Being my son is a big responsibility

June 2, 2011


Son, here’s a list of things that I suck at. I’m telling you this because I fully expect to re-live my life through you, and I plan to do it better this time. I could just compensate for my inadequacies the way most people would and buy a Hummer or something, but you know how […]