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Stupid things I tried so now you don’t have to #1

June 7, 2011


Novel uses for model rocket engines Model rockets are pretty fun. They’re basically a cardboard tube with little wings at the bottom. You insert an “engine”, which, when ignited, blasts the thing up into the clouds where the wind inevitably carries it off to the next town along with the 30 bucks you paid for […]

Being my son is a big responsibility

June 2, 2011


Son, here’s a list of things that I suck at. I’m telling you this because I fully expect to re-live my life through you, and I plan to do it better this time. I could just compensate for my inadequacies the way most people would and buy a Hummer or something, but you know how […]

Dealing with Dad means embracing embarrassment

May 25, 2011


OK, son, listen up. I got a comment on the blog the other day from a long-time friend. You, on the other hand, have not yet commented once. I’m not mad because I suspect that you have yet to figure out how to hack your way around the parental controls on your computer. At some […]

No, really, kiss her

May 20, 2011


    Son, we have established that if you grow up to be like me, you’ll never actually ask anyone out in high school. The bummer, of course, is that your lack of any real experience won’t exactly build your male confidence over time. The result will be both a growing desire to seek a girlfriend […]

Things I’ll do to keep you from realizing I’m actually just normal

May 11, 2011


We’ve already established, son, that looking at me now can provide a pretty accurate if not frightening picture of what you’re likely to become. And looking at my parents gives us a pretty good idea of what you can expect from me. And trust me, I’ve been doing that. Here’s a bit of what I’ve […]