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Brand-new cartoon and a fave post from the past featured on Sex, Lies and Bacon!

November 14, 2012


Today, I’ve Become My Parents is being featured over at Super Single Mom Melysa Shmitt’s digs: Sex, Lies and Bacon! To mark the occasion, I did a brand-new cartoon that, quite frankly, sums up what my teen dating life was like–and so does the post, one of my favorites from the early days of IBMP. […]

A parent’s guide to dealing with your child’s first boyfriend or girlfriend

April 25, 2012


    Welcome to this edition of WTF Wednesday, where the advice flows unhindered by voice of reason and sensibility. This week’s question comes from Sarah Minor  via Facebook. Sarah writes, Dear IBMP, How do you deal with a first girlfriend/boyfriend and are your techniques for dealing with them different if you have a boy […]

One of my faves from the archives–The first kiss that wasn’t

February 14, 2012


Well, it’s Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d pull out one of my favorites from back in the early days of IBMP. It was originally titled “No really, just kiss her.” It’s been revised and now is a chapter in the I’ve Become My Parents book. The book’s almost ready to query, but in the […]

Five secrets to talking to your date’s parents

December 7, 2011


Welcome to this week’s edition of WTF Wednesday where your questions are my reason to lie through my teeth. Today’s question comes to us anonymously via the IBMP search term referrals. Dear IBMP, What are some considerations when talking to parents? I’m forced to make some assumptions here.  I’m going to assume, for example, that […]

No, really, kiss her

May 20, 2011


    Son, we have established that if you grow up to be like me, you’ll never actually ask anyone out in high school. The bummer, of course, is that your lack of any real experience won’t exactly build your male confidence over time. The result will be both a growing desire to seek a girlfriend […]

Just kiss her already

May 14, 2011


OK son, this is a tough one. Should the right genes decide to express themselves (i.e, any of the ones you got from me), you will be the guy in school that every girl likens to the little brother she always wished she had. This will be especially true of the girls you most would want […]