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Bad news, son: I’m human

October 16, 2011


You came home Thursday with French homework. You were going to have a test on the numbers up to 21. You didn’t bring home any study materials. Why? Because you figured I could teach you the numbers. I can understand why you’d think that. I can fire off the French that I do know with […]

Buck up and take it like a rabbit

August 24, 2011


There’s this term they taught us in psych 101. It’s called learned helplessness. Here’s how it works: if you stick a rabbit in a cage and electrify the floor, the little guy will freak out and jump, trying to avoid the pain. Do it again and he’ll freak out again. But if you do it […]

We interrupt our usual snarky sarcasm for a brief bit of warm-fuzziness

June 19, 2011


What can I say? It’s Fathers Day and here’s what I got this morning:

Slow down. Puberty’s overrated anyway.

May 30, 2011


You’re scaring me a bit here, son. I had no idea that reading books about puberty would make you wish you had zits. I get that they’re a sign of growing up, but so are smelly feet and I don’t see you checking for that everyday.

Dealing with Dad means embracing embarrassment

May 25, 2011


OK, son, listen up. I got a comment on the blog the other day from a long-time friend. You, on the other hand, have not yet commented once. I’m not mad because I suspect that you have yet to figure out how to hack your way around the parental controls on your computer. At some […]

Things I’ll do to keep you from realizing I’m actually just normal

May 11, 2011


We’ve already established, son, that looking at me now can provide a pretty accurate if not frightening picture of what you’re likely to become. And looking at my parents gives us a pretty good idea of what you can expect from me. And trust me, I’ve been doing that. Here’s a bit of what I’ve […]