An important message from the makers of I’ve Become My Parents

Posted on November 11, 2013


lunch negotiations cartoon

Here’s a cartoon that has nothing to do with today’s post.

Well hello valued IBMP readers.

The fine folks in IBMP’s Quality Assurance Division have been working tirelessly as part of our continuous effort to improve your reading experience. Unfortunately, they all suck and will be fired just before the holidays when it has the greatest impact. So in the absence of a better reading experience, the Management Team has chosen to implement a time-tested strategy: Dress it up differently and call it New and Improved!

The still-pretty-much-the-same New and Improved IBMP is nearly ready for its big launch day just as soon as our Technical Experts figure out how to move a blog from where it is now to its new host and structure without breaking the damn thing in the process. You see, blogs, like the egos of those who write them, are fragile things.

Which brings us to the reason for this post. If all goes as planned, when I move my blog to the New and Improved IBMP and flip the switch, it’ll be pretty seamless and all your subscriptions will come along with it. But if I mess it up, there’s a chance your subscriptions won’t transfer over. I am super grateful for all of you wonderful people who read my blog. IBMP has thousands of subscribers and the last thing I want to do is lose any of you because of some unfortunate technical difficulty.

So, if you would like to make sure your subscription to I’ve Become My Parents remains intact in the event that the WordPress subscription thingy goes wonky during the move, you can enter your email below. I promise not to send you a bunch of spam. I won’t give it away or sell it or leave it sitting on the nightstand where anyone could see it. I’ll just send you a note when the blog has moved. If you want to hear about other IBMP-related stuff, you can click the little radio button and I’ll send you a note if there’s ever any big news in the world of IBMP. Don’t hold your breath.

We know you have a choice when it comes to blogs by middle-aged guys with implausible pseudonyms who write about how they’ve become their parents and pretend to be cartoonists. And we thank you for choosing I’ve Become My Parents.  The form’s below.