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Your forties: a time of growth and discovery

June 2, 2012


      OK son, let’s talk some more about what to expect when you’re growing up to be just like your dad. There are several stages you’ll experience throughout your life. I’m currently enduring my forties, so that’s what I’ll focus on, but here’s a quick recap of the stages you can expect leading […]

Five secrets to talking to your date’s parents

December 7, 2011


Welcome to this week’s edition of WTF Wednesday where your questions are my reason to lie through my teeth. Today’s question comes to us anonymously via the IBMP search term referrals. Dear IBMP, What are some considerations when talking to parents? I’m forced to make some assumptions here.  I’m going to assume, for example, that […]

New image on one of my favorite older posts: No, really, kiss her

July 14, 2011


Just added a new image on one of my favorite older posts! Check out the cover of Make Out Weekly Magazine on the post: No, Really, kiss her.

Some things you can expect from your parents

July 11, 2011


Right, we’ve established that I’ve become my parents and that, despite my best efforts to stop it, you will likely become me. Let’s keep with the theme here and talk some more about what you can expect. Once you get over the initial shock of this basic fundamental Law of the Circle of Life, you’ll […]

What’s got into my parents? A pre–teen’s puberty guide to your changing parents

June 5, 2011


Son, you’ve been reading all those books about what to expect as you go through puberty. You’re learning about all the changes starting to take place in your body, all the weird feelings, emotions, hairy bits, odors, the whole thing. The books are way better than they were when my folks first left a copy […]