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The teens they are a’changin’

March 9, 2015


Son, you’ve heard of dog years but what about teen years? Here’s how that works: to calculate a teen’s age in people years, you need to subtract 10. So, a kid who’s been on the planet for 13 years is really about 3 in people years. I figured this out through a highly scientific study […]

Someday it’ll be worth something

December 10, 2012


Me: Hey son, welcome home! Mom and I just worked our butts off to make you your favorite dinner! Tadaaaa!—it’s home-made mac and cheese with turkey chili! You: Oh. Me: Oh? Whadya mean, “oh”? You:  I hate home-made mac and cheese, and last time I ate your turkey chili I almost threw up all over […]

School dances: the reason twins should tattoo their names on their foreheads

October 25, 2012


After a year of providing all the advice you’ll never need every Wednesday, I thought I’d give WTF Wednesday a break for a while. I’ll still provide useless parenting advice on occasion, and you can always still ask a question via the comments, “contact me” page, or Twitter. Today’s post sticks with the theme of […]

Getting in touch with your sensitive side(s)

January 20, 2012


This post was originally published in the spring of last year. It was one of my very first posts. I’ve reworked it a bit for the I’ve Become My Parents book.  Enjoy. Getting in touch with your sensitive side(s) OK, so you have my genes and, as you’re learning, the package comes with a number […]