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Lost in plain sight

October 3, 2011


You: Dad, where’s my Lego Creator set? Me: How should I know? Where’d you use it last? You: In my room. Me: Okay, did you look there? You: Um, no. Me: Well maybe you should. . . . Dad, it’s not there. Then look somewhere else. I’ve looked everywhere. I sort of doubt that, because included in the […]

Sorry I didn’t pass those genes on, but I never had them in the first place

September 18, 2011


A few weeks back we talked about genes that seem to have been sacrificed in the making of my Y chromosome. There are a few more, in addition to the yardwork gene, that you should be familiar with. One is the gene for height. Sorry, just short to average. Nothing to get excited about there. […]

Yardwork: there’s a gene for that. I just don’t have it.

August 31, 2011


Quick biology lesson: You know about genes – they’re the little bits of instructions that your body reads when it’s trying to figure out where the arms and legs go, which are the fingernails and which are the toenails, that kind of stuff.* Genes are also what we blame for our behavior any time that […]