How to stop your daughter from getting that piercing

Posted on October 25, 2011


Navel stud and tattoo

Welcome to the fourth instalment of WTF Wednesday where we’re questioning life’s most pressing answers.

Today’s question comes from Totsymae (@totsymae) who writes:

Dear IBMP,

I have a 15 year old daughter, constantly asking to get piercings. I allowed an extra ear piercing. What’s the best way to dissuade her from that navel piercing she keeps asking for? I’m really tired of just saying no and need a way to convince her this is not a good idea with solid reasoning.

Well, I can promise you reasoning, but I don’t know how solid it’ll be. I could probably manage somewhat viscous, though.

I’ve given this some thought in case my son decides to go that route. I’d prefer that he retain the same number of holes that he was born with.  Actually, fewer would be pretty cool if I get to decide which ones go and which stay.

There is one surefire way to keep your daughter from doing just about anything: You do it first.

That’s right. Go out and get a big silver stud on your navel and parade around in a short top in front of your daughter’s friends. She’ll never go near a piercing shop again. If you want to be absolutely sure, get a few nipple rings, too.

Mom doing it first just sucks the coolness right out of anything. In fact, the technique will work with tattoos as well. I’d even hazard a guess that it would work with that boy you don’t want her to go out with.*

Problem solved. Glad I could help!

Ask your question below. Maybe yours will be picked next week and all your problems will melt away like they just did for Totsymae.


* My lawyers have just required me to add the following: I do not, in any way, intend to suggest, imply or otherwise create the impression (even though it would totally work) that anyone should seek to date a guy that their daughter is interested in as a means of deterring said daughter from doing so.  Even though I totally know what I’m talking about, readers are advised to consult their doctor, shrink, wedding counselor, BFF or any random person over the age of 11 before even considering doing anything discussed on this blog. Have a nice day and don’t sue me.

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