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One-liners from the Twittersphere: funny tweets I couldn’t let die

January 29, 2013


  Those of you that have been kicking around this place for awhile know that I also waste my time over on Twitter. Twitter started as a way to tell the world what you had for breakfast or what coffee shop you’re sitting in, and other really important stuff like that. Some people still use […]

Time to talk about passion

October 4, 2012


OK son, let’s talk about passion. You know how you just want to do what you want to do no matter what you need to do? That’s passion. You’re a passionate guy. You’re passionate about eating junk food, playing Minecraft, watching Scooby Doo. You’re passionate about one day buying a Bugatti—the most expensive car ever […]

Barmy’s bountiful bag of bad advice for writers

June 25, 2012


Nice alliteration, eh? Always use alliterations in your title; people totally dig that. It’s strange how so many otherwise excellent writers mess that up. I’m certain that Stephen King would have finally sold some books if he had just called it “Carrie Kills like Crazy”. Instead, the guy’s barely made a living. Now, as regular […]

How to keep your child from interrupting you: 5 easy solutions.

March 21, 2012


Welcome to another installment of WTF Wednesday, where our answers are free of artificial additives like logic and reasoning. As you may know by now, the questions we tackle with such expertise come from our readers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends and Internet search engine truth-seekers. Today’s question comes via Twitter but, alas, not from a […]