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Just tween you and me

June 9, 2013


Listen, son, let’s be clear about this: your job as my son is to make me feel better about myself by being the kid I wished I had been. You’re supposed to make up for all my youthful shortcomings as I re-live my youth vicariously through you. See, you are my “If I could do […]

Girls on the left; boys on the right.

October 23, 2012


Son, you may remember me telling you that there are two kinds of kids in middle school: those that are miserable, and those that make them that way. I was both. In short, that’s because nobody else had to make me miserable; I did it just fine myself. And I didn’t even wait until middle […]

New image on one of my favorite older posts: No, really, kiss her

July 14, 2011


Just added a new image on one of my favorite older posts! Check out the cover of Make Out Weekly Magazine on the post: No, Really, kiss her.

No, really, kiss her

May 20, 2011


    Son, we have established that if you grow up to be like me, you’ll never actually ask anyone out in high school. The bummer, of course, is that your lack of any real experience won’t exactly build your male confidence over time. The result will be both a growing desire to seek a girlfriend […]