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Unlocking the mysteries of your child’s brain

November 9, 2012


Last post, I took on Isaac Newton and his questionable grasp of physics. This time, it’s brain science. Why? It’s my job: I’m a blogger. That, and it makes me look smart. My son is now of the age where he has discovered that Dad isn’t the all-knowing source of endless wisdom he thought I was. […]

The real reason you cannot help parroting your parents.

December 21, 2011


Welcome to another installment of WTF Wednesday, where all warrantees have long since expired. Today’s question comes from Paulkellis (@paulkellis) who writes: Dear IBMP, Why is it when we hear our parents’ voices coming out of our mouths, we can’t stop it? Sometimes we don’t even try. So, why are we astonished when it happens? […]