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BREAKING: Grim Reaper announces sweeping changes to Hell-bound transport system

November 19, 2012


As part of the I’ve Become My Parents book project, I’ve been going back and creating cartoons for older posts.  I was working on this cartoon for one of my earliest posts, called Hell in a Handbasket, and started thinking about what might happen if the impact of the global economic crisis were to extend as far […]

Fresh batch of favorite tweets!

September 4, 2011


JUST POSTED A FRESH BATCH OF FAVORITE TWEETS! Yup, it’s true and they’re right here. In this instalment: Don’t want to go to Hell in a handbasket? Learn about some great alternatives. Looking for a great charity to support? Here are some you probably didn’t consider. What’d I say when my son asked what he’d be […]

Hell in a handbasket

May 2, 2011


Son, one of the particularly frightening parts of becoming our parents is when we look in the mirror and see them looking back. But there’s an even more cringe-worthy experience, at least in my opinion: it’s when we open our mouth and our parents’ voices come out. At least when you walk up to a […]