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Why I may never pass on my parental wisdom

December 29, 2012


  Son, if you’re going to grow up to be just like me, then you’re destined to be a cynic.  You’ll question every motive, assume all facts are suspect until proven otherwise, and treat all salesmen like all they really want is to separate you from your money (Actually, the last one’s not cynicism, that’s just […]

I don’t care what Billy said, that’s not where babies come from

April 1, 2012


Me: Why don’t you ever do somersaults anymore, son? You: I don’t want to die. Um, er…huh? You can die from doing too many somersaults. What makes you think that? Billy told me. Billy.  And you believe him.  This is the kid who told you he’s doing secret agent training after school, right? Yup. And that his Dad’s […]