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Get the most out of embarrassing your children: plan ahead

March 14, 2012


Welcome to this edition of WTF Wednesday, where the advice is made with 100% real ingredients in mind. This week’s question comes from author DC McMillen (@mcmillendc), owner of the blog e-rotica. She writes, Dear IBMP, When is it appropriate to purposely embarrass your children in public? Since I’m a blogger I’m more qualified to […]

The evolution of embarrassment: why parents embarrass their children

December 14, 2011


  Welcome to this week’s WTF Wednesday where you ask questions and I don’t. Today’s question comes anonymously through the magic of the internet. Dear IBMP, Why do parents embarrass their children? We recently answered a question about why children feel the need to embarrass their parents. It seems it’s time to tackle the other […]

We reveal why children like to embarrass their parents

November 29, 2011


Well, it’s that time again: WTF Wednesday, where your best questions meet my worst answers. Today’s question comes from Anna Nonamus (@AnnaNonamus). She runs a blog called Because You’re a Moron (I think she was talking about me but I can’t prove it). Anna asks: Dear IBMP, Why do kids have to be embarrassing ass#*&$@s in […]

New image on one of my favorite older posts: No, really, kiss her

July 14, 2011


Just added a new image on one of my favorite older posts! Check out the cover of Make Out Weekly Magazine on the post: No, Really, kiss her.

Dealing with Dad means embracing embarrassment

May 25, 2011


OK, son, listen up. I got a comment on the blog the other day from a long-time friend. You, on the other hand, have not yet commented once. I’m not mad because I suspect that you have yet to figure out how to hack your way around the parental controls on your computer. At some […]